Preparing for Blood Test

About Lab Express

Lab Express is a new lab test service offering blood tests and basic health screenings conducted at your home or office and at an affordable cost. These tests can be used to diagnose and monitor diseases, and alert you and your doctor as conditions change. Samples taken at your home or office will be sent to certified laboratories for evaluation. Customers will get the results after three days or less through Lab Express, delivered directly to you.

Who are we?

We are striving to help people focus more on prevention and less on disease management. We believe that it is part of our social responsibility by creating an impact on people’s health and lives.  This concept of home tests will enable people to keep track of their health progress and plan to take appropriate actions at the right time.


Quality, accuracy

Our laboratory partners are certified under Standards Malaysia and fully accredited. We provide only qualified nurses, doctors, paramedics or phlebotomists to be in your home to perform the tests you need. We are proud to say that these labs are the same labs your healthcare providers use--except they are all done in the convenience of your home or office.

Labs we work with

We collaborate with diagnostic laboratories like Quantum, Clinipath, Gribbles and Lifecare that carry out various blood tests and offer a range of services accessed from medical practitioners, hospitals, private clinics in the country.


Why choose us?


We are part of the JPE Group, Asia’s most comprehensive care, recovery and senior living solutions. We cover the entire spectrum of mobile/home care, skilled care, living facilities, post-hospital care, rehab, and health/wellness. No other company has such coverage.


We are doctor-owned and managed to ensure quality, to uphold rigorous clinical standards, along with making certain that all services are justified, precise, and carried out efficiently, with patient safety and welfare in mind.


Our management team has many years of successful experience in senior living and care, nursing homes, skilled nursing, hospital management, home care, rehab, and health technology.